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Sometimes it’s not easy to find the official Magento Wiki pages, so we’ve made it easy for you:

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Since you are already here you might be interested in checking out our some of our tutorials and experiences.

magentoMagento is the most popular and powerful PHP framework in the eCommerce world and therefore we think it deserves a special category.

We are Magento Certified Developers working professionally as Magento Consultants. Having extensive experience with highly concurrent websites, we often deal with interesting issues that we would like to share with you. Here you’ll find all Magento related posts which will include our experiences with Magento CE, Magento EE and Magento 2.

Proxy & Debug SOAP Requests in PHP
Evil Magento extensions
7 ways to speed up Magento on micro-instances
Magento Reindex Headaches – Part I: We explain how we solved a common problem with “core_url” table growing exponentially after each reindex, even without making any changes in the catalog.
Full Page Cache with Magento & Varnish
Migrating to full HTTPs
Newrelic is your friend

Magento 2

How-to create a Magento 2 Composer Module: New to Magento 2? Check this out to get started with your first extension!
How-to create a Magento 2 Composer Module Update: Ok, I wrote my first magento extension, now how can I release updates using composer?
How-to install Magento 2 on OpenShift: Can Mage2 run on a microinstance sanbox in OpenShift?
How-to install Magento 2 on OpenShift – II: Tweaking it even further

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